Booking Terms and Conditions

Pure Cornwall Ltd act as agents for the property and make the rental arrangements on behalf of the owner. The contract is between the owner of the property and the guest.

The property specifies the maximum number of guests allowed and must be strictly adhered to. The name of each guest must be listed on the booking form together with the ages of those under 18. Any alteration to this booking must be with the consent of the agent, acting on the owner’s behalf. The person making the booking must be a member of the party and accepts full responsibility on behalf of all the members of the party in meeting the terms and conditions of the rental. The right to occupy the property may be forfeited without compensation or may be subject to additional charges if more guests than specified on the booking form, or that the property holds, stay overnight.
Any group bookings (3 or more), where all guests are under 21 and/or of the same sex, will need to be notified to the agent at the time of booking, who will need the owner’s agreement before a booking can be confirmed.
Pure Cornwall is acting on behalf of the owner but reserve the right to refuse a booking if it is deemed not to be in either the guests or the owners’ best interests.
If a change to a confirmed booking is requested the following will apply:
a) If the change is to a different property, this will constitute a cancellation and the cancellation procedure will apply.
b) If the change requested is for a different date, in the same property, this will be accepted only if the Owner agrees to the change and the guest agrees to pay an administration charge of £25.
Please note: any additional add on charges, such as the booking fee and dog fee are non-refundable.
All properties are let on the basis that the accommodation is for holiday use only and that no rights to remain in the accommodation exist for the guest or anyone in the party.
All properties provide bed linen and towels (not beach towels which must be provided by the guest). For bookings of two weeks or more a complimentary change of bed linen and towels is available. Please ensure you request this when making the booking.

Payments – Deposits and Balances
At the time of booking a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total cost of the holiday plus a £24 booking fee is required with the balance due 6 weeks before the start of your holiday.
Bookings made less than 6 weeks before the start date of the holiday require full payment at the time of booking.
Overseas guests may pay in sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank, MasterCard, and Visa card or by international electronic transfer. Any bank charges for payments from overseas guests must be paid by the guest at the time a payment is made.
When any payment is returned by the bank for whatever reason, a surcharge of £10 per cheque is made.

Damage and Losses
The guest agrees to pay for any losses or damages to the property or its contents caused by the guest or a member of their party (excluding fair wear and tear). Where losses or damages occur Pure Cornwall, on behalf of the Owner, has the right to reclaim any costs incurred up to the sum of £100 from the card the Guest used to pay for the holiday. The guest accepts that this does not limit their liability for damage or loss in excess of this amount.

Pure Cornwall highly recommend that suitable holiday insurance is taken out to cover you in case of cancellation.
All cancellations must be advised immediately by telephone, followed as soon as possible by written confirmation.
The 30% deposit made at the time of booking is strictly non refundable.
The guest remains liable for the full amount of the holiday rental, including the balance payment when due, if this has not already been paid.
Pure Cornwall will attempt to re-let the holiday period or part thereof and if successful, upon receipt of monies for the new booking, will return the rental paid excluding the deposit amount, the £24 booking fee and an administration fee of £50.
If a reduction in rental has to be made to secure a new booking the customer will receive the respective pro rata amount less the administration and booking fees.
If it is not possible to re-let the property, no monies will be returned.

We strongly recommended that you take out suitable holiday insurance.
Your insurance should cover all risks including cancellation, accident, breakdown, and loss or damage to personal property.
Neither the owner nor the agent shall be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage suffered by the guest or members of the party.

Non Availability of Property
If, for any reason, the property is not available or has become unsuitable for the date booked, the agent will make every reasonable effort to arrange suitable alternative accommodation. If this is not possible or acceptable to the guests, all rental monies paid in advance will be refunded in full and the guest will have no further claim against the owner or the agent.

Description of Property/Amendments
Whilst every effort has been made to describe each property as fully and accurately as possible, we cannot accept responsibility or liability for any changes an owner may have made that we were not made aware of, or for any disappointment caused where a guest has differing expectations to those detailed in the description. Pure Cornwall are not responsible for property descriptions on any external websites and details on the Pure Cornwall website will override any other property descriptions advertised elsewhere.
All details are given in good faith and are believed to be correct at the time they were published but their accuracy cannot be fully guaranteed. Any amendments notified to us will be fully available on our website.

The provision of wireless broadband internet access is a complimentary facility and neither the agent or the owner can accept liability for loss of coverage or quality where technical problems are experienced.
Every effort will be made to ensure the standard of the property is maintained and that all items of equipment described and supplied by the owner are in good working order. However, no guarantee is given or liability accepted if any breakdown occurs. Repairs are always undertaken as soon as possible, although inevitably delays do occur.
Company staff have no authority to vary the terms and conditions and no telephone or other conversation (a description or opinion), albeit in good faith and believed to be correct, shall be held to alter the company’s published material.

Occupying the Property
Guests may occupy the property after 3pm4pm or 5pm (the time for your property will be on the Welcome Letter) on the start date of their holiday and must vacate the property by 10am on their leaving date. No early entry is permissible even if the property appears ready as we routinely inspect them right up to 3pm. This also applies to the parking space(s) at the property as they are needed by our housekeepers during the changeover period. Our housekeepers are instructed not to allow early entry and will require access to the property at 10am on departure day. Guests must keep the agent fully informed of any changes such as arrival later than the designated start day or departure before the end date so we can ensure the property is secure.
The guests must keep the property and all furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects in or on the property in the same state of repair as at the start of the rental period and should leave the property clean and tidy ensuring all furniture that has been moved is re-positioned. Items must not under any circumstances be transferred from one property to another and as such will be treated as missing and will result in a charge to the guest.
Guests must ensure that the owner’s request for the property to be smoke free or pet free is adhered to. Any breach of these conditions may incur extra cleaning costs.

Keys are provided in a key safe accessible after the arrival time on your welcome letter. Guests should replace the keys in the key safe every time they leave the property unattended as there is only one key per property. Any loss of keys and subsequent costs to replace will be met by the guests and deducted from the damage deposit, similarly if the guests are locked out of the property it is the responsibility of the guests to ensure a locksmith attends and that they pay for the service.
Where car parking is provided, guests must only use the space allocated and is entirely at the guest’s own risk. Parking spaces generally only accommodate average sized cars and guests planning to arrive in larger vehicles should check the parking space will be suitable. Guests must not park a vehicle in such a way to cause obstruction/restriction of access to other users. The owner or the agent cannot be held liable for any costs incurred if an alternative space is required.
Guests must not do anything to make void or voidable any policy of insurance and must not cause a nuisance to neighbours. The general rules applying to the property must be adhered to and the guest must allow the owner, owner’s representative or the agent reasonable access.

All complaints must be reported to the agent as soon as possible during occupation to enable the owner and the agent the opportunity to carry out an investigation and effect remedial action. If the owner or agent is denied the opportunity of investigating the complaint, or denied the opportunity of rectifying the problem whilst the guest was in the property, the guest will have waived all rights to any further investigation or any compensation that may have been applicable.
Any claims for recompense relating to a complaint made during the stay but not resolved to the guests satisfaction must be made in writing and received by Pure Cornwall no later than 5 working days from the date of departure.

Pets are only accepted where described in the property description. We can never guarantee that a pet friendly property has a secure outside area. Pets are not permitted in any of the bedrooms or on any furniture. Pets must not be left unaccompanied in the property for any length of time and must be kept under control at all times. Any traces of ‘pets’ must be thoroughly cleaned before departure within the property and any surrounding outside area. A charge per pet is levied and should be declared at the time of booking. A charge will be made for any extra cleaning or remedial work if required.
It should be noted that it cannot be guaranteed that properties that do not accept pets have never had a pet occupying the property.
Guests who bring pets to a pet free property will be in breach of the condition of hire.

All of our properties are ‘no smoking’ properties. Guests are responsible for upholding this condition and acting responsibly with regard to keeping the outside areas clean and tidy.

Personal Property
If items are left behind the guest should advise the agent as soon as possible to enable a search to be made. (It may not be possible to locate the item if the property has been re-let until after the new guests depart).
Re-imbursement for postage, packing, plus any other expenses incurred will be required before the item can be returned.
Items which are not claimed for or where postage re-imbursement fees have not been received, will be kept for 21 days only before being disposed of.

Price Changes
Where an error or omission has occurred, the agent reserves the right to amend prices.

Matters beyond Owner/Agent’s Control
Neither the owner nor the agent can accept liability for work taking place outside the boundary of the property or for any noise or nuisance arising over which the owner or agent has no control.
If the agent is made aware of any major works in the immediate vicinity of the holiday property before the guest arrives which, in our opinion, may severely affect the enjoyment of the guest’s holiday, this will be treated as ‘non-availability of the property’ and this clause shall then apply.

Communicating With You
The guest acknowledges that the agent will take personal information such as the guest’s name, contact information, etc. This will be used by the agent to process the booking and for marketing purposes such as sending brochures, supplements, newsletters and special offers. The agent will not pass these details on to third parties other than (a) in relation to bookings – the owner and the owner’s employees (such as the cleaner/caretaker) or (b) in relation to marketing by the agent and their data management – companies/individuals employed by the agent to undertake on the agents behalf such tasks as sending brochures, managing/analysing data. The agent will also take details necessary to process card payments associated with bookings and will only pass this information on to the bank handling card payments.

Breaches to the conditions of hire
The agent, on behalf of the owner, reserves the right to terminate the holiday booking for any serious breaches of these conditions of hire.

Legality of conditions
Any dispute will be governed by the non-exclusive law and jurisdiction of the English courts. In the event a court finds that a condition in the Conditions of Hire is illegal or void, the illegal or void condition will be severed from the remainder of the conditions of hire, which will continue to be valid and have full force and effect.
These conditions of hire supersede all previous editions.