About us…

Hazel Elliott |Managing Director |Pure Cornwall

Hazel has been holidaying in Cornwall since she was a child. She understands exactly what holidaymakers want and through her own experience knows what Holiday Rental owners should get in terms of value and service.
She has over 20 years experience in Sales, Marketing and New Media and is using that experience to drive Tourism into Cornwall throughout summer and winter through various projects that will appeal to any Group, Family, and couple or individual that is looking for a superior break.
Pure Cornwall is the flagship of a group of companies that will strive for excellence in Tourism in the UK, incorporating sales of properties that will bring additional income along with the chance to own a home in Cornwall. The vision would not be complete without an in house Property Management company that will offer everything from round the clock property maintenance to a number of unique and personal touches for the UK visitor.

“I am so very lucky to live and work in this wonderful, magical county and I want to drive the very best business practices through Pure Cornwall to make sure that everyone who stays in, or owns a property in Cornwall has a five star experience, that’s what I am passionate about!

James Bailey |Sales Director |Pure Cornwall

You can’t beat the knowledge of someone who was born and has lived in Cornwall his whole life, and that fits James’s profile right down to a tee!

James has over 20 years experience in Cornish estate agencies working with both waterfront and countryside properties, James is used to dealing with both corporate and private clients, along with sales of some of the most salubrious properties in the county of Cornwall, his expertise in property sales is second to none. That consolidated with James’s extensive travel all over the world gives him first hand knowledge of tourism and property requirements in Cornwall.

Pure Cornwall benefits from his intimate knowledge of every part of the county and his determination to let people know about the secret treasures that Cornwall has to offer.

“I jumped at the chance to work for a local company that cares so much about their customers, because my family have lived and worked in Cornwall all our lives, it was great to see Pure Cornwall looking to fill the gaps that have been too obvious for too long and I am confident we will find the right buyer for the right holiday home offering the right level of income and giving someone the pleasure of owning a home right here in Cornwall.”

Hazel and James were the founder members of Pure Cornwall along with Finance Director Trevor Elliott in 2008. The idea of running a holiday rental company which showcases the best properties in Cornwall, combined with specialising in holiday homes for sale has turned into a fantastic organisation with many employees, client and holiday makers enjoying the benefits of a 5 star business which continues to enjoy growth year on year